The various types of wall clocks

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Time has never played a more important part of our lives, often dictated by the next appointment, or the next errand to run or task to accomplish. Without ever really noticing, it’s funny to see how important wall clocks have become to us and how many different styles and variations that significance has brought forward.

contemporary wall clock The various types of wall clocksAs much as any popular item that consumers buy, there’s a wide range of different choices in clocks. Size, shape, colour, theme, design – There’s a wall clock to suit everyone’s needs and personal preferences these days. That’s all well and good, but unfortunately the only time we ever find out just how much choice there is, is when we actually need to choose one to suit our home or office.

Antique wall clocks

Wall clocks with an antique style are still popular purchases, possibly because of the nostalgia-factor.  Antique styled clocks have very recognizable characteristics, such as the Roman numerals on the face of the clock and the curvy and sharply pointed hands. More elaborate versions have a long case underneath the clock with a pendulum swinging from side to side. Modern day antique wall clocks, however, aren’t built with the pins and gears of days gone by, and the pendulum swing is driven by battery power (as is the rest of the clock)

Contemporary wall clocks

The more contemporary models are the most commonly purchased versions and are pretty straightforward. Although still mostly analog clocks, some feature a digital display as an addition. Some contemporary clocks also feature Roman numerals, but with a more modern font face that give the clock an upgraded look.

Modern wall clocks

Although modern is the correct term for these models, with some designs the term that comes to mind is futuristic. Many modern wall clocks have been designed with the deliberate intention to step away from the perceptions we have of what a clock is supposed to look like. Whether it’s chaotic graphic designs or cutlery-styled arms, these clocks are the choice for people who look for alternative options. They’re also right for people who are pretty confident in their time reading abilities (since some designs make it hard to read the actual time).

Decorative wall clocks

The sole purpose of decorative clocks is to complement the existing array of decorations a room may already have. Functionality or specific styles don’t really matter. From brushed steel to stained wood, these clocks are built to please the eye and are a popular choice. Although on the high end price range, some decorative wall clocks feature elaborate designs on the face, with mechanisms visibly churning away and fancy melodies played on the hour.

Retro wall clocks

As if wall clocks were a fashion accessory, the retro designs represent some of the most famous clock designs, as featured in movies or scenes of a few decades ago. Clocks like the Black Kit Kat, styled to look like a cat with a pendulum tail and eyes moving from side to side as the seconds tick away.

Whatever your taste, whatever the purpose, there’s a wide choice in wall clocks and choosing the right model and style can be a tough decision to make.


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